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SPARK Workflow for Office 365 is almost there !!!

​​We are very excited to announce that SPARK Workflow for Office 365 will be available very soon, the ETA is expected to be at the end of September 2018, and it will be SharePoint 2013 workflow platform dependent. This great product will help SharePoint Online users to easily build and track their workflow through a visual/graphical designer without the need to write any single line of code, as it will has the following features:

  • ​Request Review Activity
  • Request Approval Activity
  • Custom Request Activity 
  • Copy, delete, update, and add new items
  • Alert users on certain time or action. 
  • Change item permissions.
  • Stop/Start workflows.
  • Set a custom workflow status.
  • Create and update Workflow variables.
  • Create and evaluate conditions.
  • While Loop
  • State Machine 
  • ​Send Notification 
  • Create History Logs
  • Delay For, wait until date
  • Wait for column update 
  • Check in / Check out / Discard Check in Documents
  • Create list, site and reusable (Content types) workflows
  • Automatic delegation for tasks upon user’s absence 
  • Integrates with external web services
  • And many more activities​