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How to use Repeater Control in SPARK Forms Builder

Learn how to create and design a repeater control in your SharePoint/Office 365 forms to store and integrate data. Add dynamic calculations and a dynamic row counter. Retrieve and filter large data, and apply paging using SPARK Forms Builder.

How to use CAML Query Builder in SPARK Forms Builder

In this video, you'll learn how to use the intuitive CAML Query Builder in SPARK Forms Builder to easily and quickly retrieve data from SharePoint lists. The CAML Query Builder allows you to create, export, copy, and test queries on the spot. You can use these queries to filter data for special controls like List Grid View, Advanced Repeater, Data Table, and Advanced Lookup. Additionally, you can use CAML Query for rules with special functions like populate Repeater From List, get List item Data, update and delete List Items.

How to use Rich Text Editor Control in SPARK Forms Builder

In this video you will learn how to use the Rich Text Editor control in your forms, using SPARK Forms Builder for SharePoint and Office365. The Rich Text Editor control allows users to display formatted text, pictures, and tables on a SharePoint form

How to use BarCode Control in SPARK Forms Builder

In this video, you'll learn how to create and use Barcode control using SPARK Forms. The Barcode control is easy to use, light and renders SVG directly into the form HTML page by specifying the encoding standard and text. The code can be retrieved from or saved to SharePoint text column, generated from the default value property or randomly by selecting the random option from within the control’s settings.

How to use Electronic Signature Control in SPARK Forms Builder

In this video, you will learn how to integrate an electronic signature control into your SharePoint forms using SPARK Forms Builder. With SPARK Forms, you can add electronic signature controls to your SharePoint forms quickly and easily, without any coding required. Whether you're using SharePoint on-premise or office 365, this video will show you how to leverage the power of SPARK Forms Builder to enhance your SharePoint forms with electronic signature capabilities.

How to get items data from other lists and displaying them using List Grid View Control

Learn how to use the List Grid view control in SPARK Forms Builder for SharePoint with this tutorial video. You can configure this new control to display data from any list within your local site collection or other site collections in your web application. With List Grid View, users can easily search and select items from other lists in the SharePoint farm without any need for coding or scripting. This control presents the values of a list in a table, and you can return list items and their column values based on the selected fields in the control's settings. You can also refine the returned data by including a dynamic CAML query. Grouping the Grid View rows is a breeze, as users can drag and drop the "group by column" into the group area on the fly.

How to Show and Hide controls, Panels and Tabs in SPARK Forms Builder

This video will teach you how to manage Panels and tabs in your custom SharePoint form using SPARK Forms Builder. You'll discover how to easily hide or display them, along with their respective elements, in order to create a more customized user experience. By using the panel and tab control features, you can create more organized and user-friendly forms that help streamline data entry and improve the overall user experience.

How To embed SPARK Forms in SharePoint pages using SPARK Web Part & sending emails through the form

This video will teach you how to create a customized SharePoint form with a fully dynamic email template that is automatically sent to users upon form submission. With the help of SPARK Forms Builder, you can easily embed the custom registration form into a SharePoint page using the SPARK Forms Web Part. By doing so, you can offer your users multiple functionalities from a single page, making it more convenient for them to access and fill out forms.

Develop an invoicing system in SharePoint

This video will guide you on how to build a custom invoicing system for SharePoint. You will learn how to customize a SharePoint list to create a modern invoice form using SPARK Forms, as well as how to create a General Sales Report and customize it with filter fields using SPARK Reports. Furthermore, you will discover how to integrate the invoice form with the sales report to generate multiple custom reports based on selected fields. By the end of the video, you will have a fully functional invoicing system that can streamline your business processes and increase efficiency.

How to create a dynamic Repeater and DataTable controls in your form in 2 minutes

This tutorial video demonstrates how to create dynamic Repeater and DataTable controls for your form and use their internal functions to generate related data through a dynamic CAML query. The process is straightforward and can be completed within a few minutes. The video also shows how to use the visual CAML Query Builder to generate the dynamic CAML query instead of having to write it from scratch. With this method, you can quickly create your own dynamic integration data tools and add a new feature to your users' experience.

Using DataTable Control To Integrate With Other Lists Using SPARK Forms Builder

The video showcases how to use the DataTable control to integrate a form with other lists and customize the table's design and menu. It covers adding, editing, and saving data from within the form, controlling data presentation with the paging feature, and performing quick operations with the row's quick launch menu. Additionally, the video explains how to filter and sort data dynamically at runtime and export it to various file formats like PDF, Excel, Word, and CSV.

Creating a Tabular Form Using SPARK Forms Builder

SPARK Forms' tabular designer enables designing forms using a table-based structure where controls are dragged from the toolbox and dropped into cells. Cell size limits the control size, and you can merge/split cells or control all table row sizes using the View Style [Edit] button. The advantage of tabular forms is the ability to hide/show rows and sections and have them shift up or down without any code or special design.

Using SPARK Forms Viewer Web Part for Office 365

Learn how to embed SPARK forms into your SharePoint pages effortlessly with the SPARK Forms Web Part in this video. This way, you can provide multiple functionalities to your users from one page. Additionally, you'll discover how to send emails through your forms by designing dynamic email templates and utilizing the internal sendEmail() function to send them to both users and external emails. You can configure the email templates to collect data from form controls and variables. With this feature, you won't have to create workflows to send emails, saving valuable resources in your environment.

Using the Forms Manager Feature in SPARK Forms Builder

This video highlights the functionality of SPARK Forms Manager, a centralized and secure section offered by SPARK Forms Builder. By accessing the "SPARK Forms Manager" from the site's menu item, site administrators can easily manage all site forms from a single page. With this tool, you can perform various tasks such as permanently deleting forms, publishing or unpublishing them, locking forms to prevent other users from editing them, bulk backups, form editing, searching for forms, clearing form version history, and exporting forms. This feature simplifies the management of forms, saving time and effort for site administrators.