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Using the Forms Manager Feature in SPARK Forms Builder

In this video you will see how to use SPARK Forms Manager. SPARK Forms Manager is a central secured section provided by SPARK Forms Builder solution in which the site administrator can manage all site’s forms from a single page. You can access it by clicking on “SPARK Forms Manager” site’s menu item. SPARK Forms Manager enables you to perform the following operations: Delete Forms permanently from your sites, publish/unpublish forms, lock forms for being edited by other users/designers, bulk backup, edit forms, search for forms, clear forms versions history and export forms

How to Apply Paging to Large Data Repeaters Using SPARK Forms Builder

In this video you will see how you can configure and design an Advanced Repeater control to handle large data from other lists using paging feature in less than two minutes on SPARK Reports Builder. You will see how you can configure this control internal properties to handle large data through paging, which reduce loading time significantly and provide a neat user friendly interface for users to navigate through repeater pages fast without the need to load the entire form page.

Repeater Control Advanced Operations in SPARK Forms Builder

In this video you will see how you can do an advanced operations on your form’s repeater control such as getting repeater row number (index), validate sub-controls in repeater, add repeater rows, delete repeater rows, get repeater rows count, copy rows to another repeater control and move rows to another repeater control.

How To Create Anonymous Forms For Office 365 Using SPARK Forms Builder

In this video, you will see how you can create public forms to be accessed by anonymous users outside your tenant and integrate them to your office 365 SharePoint lists and libraries using SPARK Forms Builder. You can design forms, enable them to be accessed by external anonymous users without the need to create any guest users or pay extra cost for having this feature on your O365. You will be able to publish the links of these forms on your public web site or embed them in its public pages and have all data submitted by the anonymous users stored and managed in your tenant without the need to write a single line of code. You will be able to view stored data for anonymous users as well. Build a complete hybrid intranet-internet environment for your customers and users in a couple of minutes.

How to hide /show the Attachments button of a form at runtime

This video shows you how to hide and show the attachments button in the form ribbon when changing a value of a control at runtime.