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How to Working With Button Control in SPARK Forms Builder

This video tutorial covers working with button controls in SPARK Forms Builder for SharePoint and Office 365. You will learn how to create a submit button for saving a form, an alert button, and a redirect button. The submit form function, provided by SPARK Forms, allows you to easily save the form in a list or library without requiring any additional steps or coding.

How to create a popup dialog in SPARK Forms Builder

In this video, you will discover how to create a dynamic popup dialog in your forms with SPARK Forms Builder for SharePoint and Office 365. This powerful tool offers a range of advanced features and functions that enable you to seamlessly integrate a SharePoint list or library into your form via a popup dialog. Alternatively, you can embed a popup dialog form within your existing form to present specific or informative data to users.

Building rules without needing to write any code using Script Manager in SPARK Forms

This video demonstrates creating complex SharePoint rules with SPARK Forms Builder's Script Manager feature, eliminating the need for code. The feature provides a wizard dialog to guide designers in creating queries, filters, and mapping data to form controls quickly, saving hours of manual coding and testing.

How to use the calculated value in SPARK Forms Builder

Learn how to create and customize the Calculated Value Control in SPARK Forms Builder for SharePoint and Office 365 with this tutorial video. Discover how to dynamically modify its value based on the values and actions of other controls in the form, making your forms more efficient and effective.

Repeater Control Advanced Operations in SPARK Forms Builder

This video will demonstrate advanced operations that can be performed on the repeater control of your form. You will learn how to obtain the repeater row number or index, validate sub-controls within the repeater, add or delete repeater rows, determine the total number of rows in the repeater, copy rows to another repeater control, and move rows to a different repeater control.