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Publishing forms on content types, multiple form designs for each list and library

This video will show you how to use SPARK Forms builder to create and publish multiple forms on a single list using the content types feature. You can publish a different form design for each content type , or publish the same form design for multiple content types in the same list or library as well.

How to upload Images and files in a form using SharePoint files explorer dialog

Learn how to allow form users to select and upload files to your SharePoint farm and link them to your form through the files explorer dialog using SPARK Forms Builder. Integrate files and images with different form controls like image and hyperlink controls in less than 5 minutes without manual operations. No need for manual operations like with InfoPath forms.

How to create and use Form Views Using SPARK Forms Builder

Create and work with form views using SPARK Forms Builder. Easily create multi-views for your forms, use form paging, and build wizard forms to simplify complex forms for users. Customize top ribbon buttons for each view by hiding or showing buttons and removing the ribbon. Show form views in a popup dialog within another form. Performance is excellent as data is distributed in different locations with minimal resource consumption. Combine multiple lists/forms in a centralized actions page for site users.

Creating Multilingual Forms Using SPARK Forms Builder

This video will show how SPARK forms support multilingual features for all SharePoint languages with RTL-LTR directions. Just design the form in the primary language, select the other languages you desire, update controls properties, translate the form labels and custom messages accordingly, and you will have multilingual forms up and running in a matter of minutes

SPARK Publishing and Auto Populate features

This video focuses on publishing and unpublishing SPARK Forms, as well as the auto-populate feature available in SPARK Forms Builder. You will see how by utilizing best practices recommended by Microsoft, SPARK Forms integrates with SharePoint APIs without impacting the SharePoint core.

Use a SPARK form in Microsoft Teams

In this tutorial video, we will explore how you can easily integrate your custom SharePoint list forms built using SPARK Forms into Microsoft Teams, and collaborate with your team members to streamline your workflow. With SPARK Forms, sharing forms and collecting information within Teams is hassle-free. You can easily share existing forms with your team or students, or create new ones and collaborate on their design and customization within the Teams environment. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your collaboration and productivity to the next level!

Best Practice to design and divide long forms in SharePoint

In this video, we'll explore ways to create more effective forms and discover some tips and best practices for breaking up lengthy SharePoint forms. You'll discover how to use specialized controls like tabs and accordions that are ideal for grouping and dividing form fields, making them easier for users to fill out. You'll also learn how to hide or show specific sections of a form based on certain conditions, as well as how to use the layout splitter to optimize the available space on the form. By the end of the video, you'll have the knowledge and skills to design more efficient and user-friendly forms for your SharePoint environment.

Customize modern forms for SharePoint lists in on-premise and Office 365

Step-by-step, learn how to create and personalize a SharePoint list form in this tutorial. Discover how to create a modern and dynamic SharePoint form and how to customize it by adding images and logos, as well as a header and footer. Learn how to display the list columns in any layout of your choice and how to hide and show different sections. In addition, you will learn how to add attachments and electronic signatures to the form, save data to the list, and transform the SharePoint form into a mobile-responsive format. Watch the video to learn all the tips and tricks!

How To Create Anonymous Forms in SharePoint on premise using SPARK Forms Builder

In this video, you'll learn how to create public forms that can be accessed by anonymous users outside your SharePoint farm using SPARK Forms Builder. These forms can be seamlessly integrated with your SharePoint lists and libraries. With this feature, there is no need to create guest users or set up special environments to enable external access. You can easily publish these forms on your public website or embed them in public pages and manage all submitted data in your farm without any coding. The stored data for anonymous users can also be viewed. In just a few minutes, you can build a complete hybrid intranet-internet environment for your customers and users.

How to Apply Paging to Large Data Repeaters Using SPARK Forms Builder

This video demonstrates how to use SPARK Forms Builder to quickly and easily configure and design a Repeater control for handling large data from other lists. By utilizing the paging feature, you can reduce loading times and provide a more user-friendly interface for navigating through repeater pages. The control's internal properties can be easily configured in just a couple of minutes to accommodate large data sets.

How to develop SPARK forms custom controls and parts using forms snippets

This video demonstrates how to create, develop, and design custom controls and form parts using SPARK Forms Builder. You'll learn how to save them as snippets for easy reuse in multiple forms across your SharePoint farm. By simply dragging and dropping these snippets, you can add them to your existing and new forms effortlessly. Furthermore, you can export these snippets as files for backups or import them into other site collections, web applications, or even different farms. With SPARK Forms Builder's powerful development platform, you have unlimited possibilities to enhance your forms.

Edit SPARK Workflow Task Form Using SPARK Forms Builder

This video showcases how you can easily customize the default SPARK Workflow task form using SPARK Forms Builder. Within a few minutes, you'll learn how to modify the task form by adding or removing controls from the tasks list, redesigning its layout, and configuring validation and action rules. Additionally, you'll have the ability to control how outcomes are displayed to users and create a multi-lingual form interface that adapts to their preferred browser or user profile language. The possibilities for customizing the task form are limitless, providing an exceptional user experience for your SharePoint users that you may not have thought possible before.

How To Create Anonymous Forms For Office 365 Using SPARK Forms Builder

Learn how to create public forms that can be accessed by anonymous users outside your tenant and seamlessly integrate them with Office 365 SharePoint using SPARK Forms. Design forms with external access, without requiring guest accounts or extra costs required. Explore the process of publishing forms on your website or embedding them in public pages. Easily store and manage data submitted by anonymous users within your tenant, without coding. Explore viewing stored data and build a hybrid intranet-internet environment quickly.

How To Create Nested Repeaters Using SPARK Forms Builder

Discover how to create nested repeaters in your forms and seamlessly integrate them into other lists in just two minutes using SPARK Forms Builder. With no coding required, this video will demonstrate how you can easily incorporate nested repeaters, enabling advanced functionality and organization within your forms.

Improve Your Form UX Using Accordion, Splitter and HTML Text Controls

In this video you will see how you can improve your form's user experience using the new set of controls in SPARK Forms Builder. By using Accordion, Splitter and the HTML Text controls you will be able to provide an art of design forms to your users and clients, easily simply and without the need to write a single line of code. have a look how you can leverage these great tools in your form to provide a great user interactive interface to the user and enhance the work he/she works.