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Edit SPARK Workflow Task Form Using SPARK Forms Builder

Sep 23 , 2019 Workflow Design

In this video, you will see how you can customize the default SPARK Workflow task from using SPARK Forms Builder in a few minutes. You can remove and add controls from the tasks list to the task from, redesign it, set validation and action rules, control how the outcomes would display to users and even create a multi-lingual form interfaces that will display to the based on his/her preferred browser or user profile language. There is no limits for what you can do in the task form, and this will provide a very rich experience to your SharePoint users in a way you did not think it is even possible.

SPARK Workflow for SharePoint - Overview

Apr 30 , 2018 Workflow Design

This video provides an overview about SPARK Workflow for SharePoint. It shows how you can create a complex workflow structure easily in several minutes and how you can respond to tasks, change items permissions, create a history log and set a custom workflow status. It will show you how to track your running workflow instances visually through SPARK Workflows Tracking system. Through SPARK Workflow you will be able to create List, Site and reusable workflows, easily and efficiently.