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Zonal and Document Automation Template Using SPARK Document Scanning

The Zonal feature in SPARK Document Scanning is a great tool to automate the collecting of data from scanned images/pages and inserting them into specified columns in the document library, in a fraction of a second, without any human intervention. The user will be able to create multiple document automation templates for his/her physical paper forms, draws zone areas in each template’s page in which he/she wants to get data from when initiate the scanning process and map these areas to library columns, visually without the need to write any line of code. Once initiating the scanning process, the user will be able to select the template type that matches the type of the physical document that been scanned, the OCR engine analyses the specified areas in the template and converts these areas into a recognizable texts, then inserts them into the library’s columns.

How to scan documents directly and attach them into your form using SPARK Forms Builder

Paper is a painful, costly part of any business. Physical workflows and file cabinets slow down productivity and cause massive losses in efficiency. SharePoint is a logical storage point for many businesses, and with SPARK Document Scanning, you can easily scan your content to SharePoint Online or On-Premise with minimal effort. In this video you will see how you can scan documents and attach them directly to your form, also how you can activate the OCR internal engine to recognize the text and create searchable PDF file to be crawled in SharePoint search engine. The scanned images can be edited using SPARK Image Editor feature without the need to have an external expensive image editing software.