How to add a custom button control to save a form and how to redirect a form to a specific page or to the source URL?​

Last Update: June 22, 2018

Here are the steps on how to redirect a form to a specific page or to the source URL:

  1. Open the form in design mode.
  2. Add new Button control on the form workspace design area with the following properties:
    Adding a custom Button control to save a form1.jpg
      ID:                btnSave
      Caption:        Save
  3. Select the btnSave control
  4. In the Rules pane, click on the Add icon to add a new rule, the Rule Manager dialog will open.
    How to auto-shifting Panel control in a form2.jpg
  5. Follow the following steps to add a new rule to the control:
    A. Change the Rule Name as desired.
    B. Change the Rule Type to Action.
    C. Keep the Event Type onClick.
    D. In the Action section,type the following script:
    1)To save the form and return to the source page: saveForm() // saveForm() is a function.
    2)To save the form and redirect the page to a ​specific URL "i.e. Google page": saveWithRedirect(‘’) // saveWithRedirect () is a function.
    E. Click o​n the Save button to save the rule.
    Note: You can use Assistance Panel to help you adding functions and related parameters, form variables and form controls to Conditions and/or Actions sections.
  6. Test the form by clicking on the Preview button in the View group.

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