​​How to upload a file to your SharePoint farm and link it to your form?

Last Update: March 06, 2018

This use case shows you how to select and upload files to your SharePoint farm and link them in your form through the files explorer dialog and without the need to do any manual operation and just using linkSelector() function.

Here are the steps on how to do that considering that you have a list with "Hyperlink or Picture" column and its "Format URL" is "hyperlink".

  1. Open the form in design mode.
  2. Add the following to the form design workspace area:
    How to upload a file to your SharePoint farm and link it to your form.jpg
  3. ​Select the CV_HyperLink control.
  4. In the Rules pane, click on the Add icon to add a new rule, the Rule Manager dialog will open.
    How to auto-shifting Panel control in a form2.jpg
  5. Add a new rule as follows:
    A. Change the Rule Name as desired.
    B. Change the Rule Type to Action.
    C. Keep the Event Type onClick.
    D. In the Action section, type the following script:
    E. Click on the Save button to save the rule.
    Note: You can use Assistance Panel to help you adding functions and related parameters, form variables and form controls to Conditions and/or Actions sections.
  6. Test the form by clicking on the Preview button in the View Group.